Letter of Love for April: Easter and our testimonies of faith

Hi everyone,

We are back with another letter of love. We hope these letter prompts are helping to inspire you in your letter-writing ministry to your sponsored children. We are certainly excited to share them with you. Last month, we shared about our childhoods and introduced our families to our sponsored children. As we look forward to celebrating the resurrection of Christ with our new church family here in Virginia tomorrow morning, my heart and mouth have been filled with praise and thanks as I prepare for my first time serving with our church choir for all three Easter services. In this month’s letter of love, we want to celebrate the Easter holiday by sharing our testimonies of how we joined God’s family.


Possible topics to include:


• Share your testimony of how you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior

• Share specific ways in which God has helped you since you became a Christian

• Share struggles you have faced in your relationship with Christ

• Share about your baptism, if you have been baptized (including what it meant to you)

• Share your favorite (or life) Bible verse and why it means so much to you

• If your immediate family (spouse, children) wish to share the above information, either include it or attach separate letters


Possible questions to ask:


  1. Have you accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior? If so, can you please tell us about it?
  2.  Have you been baptized? If so, can you tell me about it?
  3.  What is your favorite Bible verse, and why is it your favorite?


Possible extra goodies to send:


Giant Easter Stickers

Shiny Crosses Stickers

Religious Cross Bookmark with Live Photography

• Coloring pages


Your Turn


Have you shared your testimony with your sponsored children? Have they shared their testimonies with you? When we sent this letter last year, we received many responses. Our children shared their favorite Scriptures and answered our other questions as well. We hope this letter prompt helps you as you reflect on and share what the Lord has done in your life through his death, burial, and resurrection.