Happy 10th birthday Tatiana!

When a child joins our Compassion family, they truly become part of our family. This means that we have the joy of celebrating their birthdays, and this is just what we did this evening in honor of our precious Tatiana from El Salvador! Tatiana turns 10 years old today. We are blessed to have her as a part of our lives.

As part of our birthday celebration for Tatiana, we listened to Spanish Christian music and made our own version of chicken tacos for dinner. After dinner, we then took time to send a birthday letter to Tatiana using Compassion’s online letter writing tool. We chose a special birthday template and shared in our letter just how precious Tatiana is to us and some specific prayers we are praying over her life in this year to come.

Do you celebrate special holidays that are important to your Compassion children? Do you have any special ways for celebrating your Compassion children’s birthdays? Have you incorporated any of their traditions into such holidays as Christmas or Easter? We would love to learn how you celebrate your Compassion children throughout the year.

If you would like to change the life of a child in El Salvador, we want to introduce two precious children to you!


11-year-old Gabriela attends the same Compassion center as our precious Tatiana, and she lives with her mother and siblings. Gabriela enjoys art, playing with dolls, and hide-and-seek.

You can learn more about the urban region of El Salvador  where Gabriela lives here.


7-year-old Howar shares his birthday with our Tatiana, and this precious boy has been waiting 333 days for a special sponsor to change his life! Howar lives with his parents and siblings and he enjoys singing and playing with marbles and cars. Howar is struggling in Kindergarten and could use some words of love and encouragement. Would you give this special boy the life-changing birthday gift of sponsorship?

My birthday wish



When you read the word “birthday”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a party with friends and family? Is it a birthday cake? Or, is it the gifts you receive?

Today is my birthday. I’m planning to spend the weekend with Andy and a very dear friend who I haven’t seen in 9 years. Andy has given me some gifts, and my friend and I plan to go out to lunch tomorrow as part of our fun weekend. I am blessed and excited to spend this time with people I love, and I never want to take the gifts in my life for granted.


I do have one birthday wish


When Andy asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I did give him a list of “things” that I would appreciate. However, the items on my birthday list are wants rather than needs. As I think back over my life, I am in awe of all the Lord has brought me through and the many ways in which he has blessed me. I could never imagine wondering if I will live to see my next birthday, but this is reality for many in our world today. Knowing this makes me truly grateful that I woke up today, and my needs (and many of my frivolous wants) are met.

I do not want a birthday gift for myself today, but I want a gift for Peaceman, Anna, and Rosa. These precious children share my birthday, and I want them to truly celebrate! I want them to know they are a gift from God, and he knows and loves them in a unique and special way. Will you pray for each of these children today, and if he leads you, will you sponsor them on our birthday?