Sunday’s Special children


This has been a week of bittersweet goodbyes. In honor of our precious Kate and Miguel in the Philippines, we ask you to prayerfully consider sponsoring one of the below children. What a blessed Christmas present to receive, the gift of being released from poverty in Jesus’ name!




Three-year-old Jovit lives with his mother in the Philippines. He would appreciate a father figure in his life, as his father is in prison. No matter the child, spending Christmas without one parent is difficult. You can make a difference for Jovit this Christmas by sharing with him the love of Jesus, the one who came to Earth to be his Heavenly Father.




Don’t you just adore four-year-old Lovely’s name? This precious little boy has been waiting for 295 days for a sponsor as of December 21, 2014. Lovely lives with his parents in a community where the average wage is $63.00 per month, and medicine is needed to combat such health concerns as malnutrition, diarrhea, colds, and acute upper respiratory infections. Will you end Lovely’s long wait for a sponsor today?




Nine-year-old Erica lives with her parents and five siblings in an AIDS-affected area of the Philippines. Her hobbies include rolling a hoop, playing jacks, and volleyball. Will you welcome Erica into your heart this Christmas?




Just in time for Christmas, Angel is waiting for someone to bring her God’s message of peace and joy. This ten-year-old precious girl lives with her mother and two siblings in a community where her mother is sometimes employed, and the average wage is $100.00 per month. With her father not present in the home, Angel would love if you would share the message of her Heavenly Father, just as the angels did so long ago.




Christian turned eighteen on December 2, and he lives with his parents in a community where the average wage is $140.00 per month and serious health concerns abound. Like our Miguel, Christian is excelling in his college studies, and he could use someone to encourage him as he reaches his full potential. Will you let Christian know his dreams are in reach as you release him from poverty in Jesus’ name?




Vincent will turn nineteen years old on December 29, and he resides at his Compassion project. He is not attending school. This young man could benefit from your prayers and letters of love and support. Will you give Vincent a birthday present he will never forget, one wrapped in the loving name of Jesus?




At age 19, Miguel has been waiting six months for a sponsor. This young man most likely has just a year or so remaining in Compassion’s program, and you could be the one to let him know he does not need to spend that year alone. Will you release Miguel from poverty in Jesus’ name this Christmas?


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