Seven Steps to Sending Your Letter

The most frequent questions we receive as Compassion International advocates are in reference to writing letters to our sponsored children. While we are not official employees of Compassion, and the information we provide here may not work in your particular situation, we do hope these seven steps to sending your letter help to answer your questions.


Step 1: What and When?


In this first step, we answer two common questions: “What should I write about?”, and “How often should I write?” We share our typical writing schedule and many wonderful resources for letter writing topics.


Step 2: Writing your letter online


In this step, we give a detailed overview of Compassion’s online letter writing tool. Also included in this post is a bonus letter-writing topic.


Step 3: The Basics of Being a Snail


Step 3 is all about sending packages through snail mail. We review Compassion’s mailing guidelines and give four important tips you should know before your letter goes.



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