Letters of Love

When the ink of creativity runs dry, the letter-writing dries up right along with it. This page is birthed from a series we have started where we give at least one letter topic for each month of the year. Please check back here each month for a new idea complete with starter prompts, questions to include, and goodies to send alongside your letter. Thank you for writing your sponsored child, and let’s write letters of love!


January 25: All about [your state]


On January 26, 1837, Michigan became a state. Learn how we share about our state with our sponsored children and how you can do the same.


February 15: Valentine’s Day and sharing God’s love


In honor of Valentine’s Day, we talk about none other than love in this letter of what else–love! However, this is not just any ‘ol love. Learn how you can encourage your sponsored child to experience and share God’s love with others.


March 1: Family and childhood


Spring is in the air, and this is the season of new life. As the weather grows warmer and the days grow longer, we are reminded of our childhood as the summer draws near. In this letter of love, we will share with our sponsored children about our family and childhood.


April 19: Easter and our testimonies of faith


Continuing with the theme of family discussed in our March 1 letter of love, we recount the stories of when we joined God’s family, as we reflect on the celebration of Easter.


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