A Week of Bittersweet Goodbyes



“’Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson


This is not the first time we have loved and lost, but that still does not lessen the ache. Just two weeks ago, I wrote our Compassion International children’s long-awaited update letters. Her letter was the last to be sent…

This week though, as I obsessively counted our children on the Compassion website, something was not right. I counted again… We were missing someone. Out of all of them, why did it have to be her?

I fought back tears and sudden breath-taking panic as I spit out the heart-wrenching words no sponsor wants to repeat as if they were grains of sand stuck helplessly in my mouth. “Um, we’re missing someone… She’s gone…” Andy knew exactly who, without me even mentioning her name, because my husband is just like that. He also knows me enough to know that I would not handle the ensuing phone call well, so without questions he picked up the phone.

Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, our precious Kate is no longer part of Compassion International’s program. We welcomed Kate into our Compassion family after watching the above video in May of 2009. After five beautiful years, her frequent and affectionate letters and words of love will be dearly missed.


That was Monday…

On Wednesday, after some tears and moments of raw vulnerability, we received an unexpected phone call…


In April of 2012, I needed a reason to continue teaching voice lessons beyond myself. Naturally, my reason came through an addition to our ever-growing Compassion family. His name is Miguel.


I came home from running errands this past Wednesday to Andy saying, “I received a call from Compassion today…”

Miguel was not supposed to graduate from Compassion’s program until 2016, but he apparently has the motivation I have lacked this past semester. While I counted down the days until my Christmas break began on December 12, Miguel completed two years of college in just one-year’s time! Therefore, he will be graduating in 2015—a year earlier than expected!

Thank you precious son for giving your sponsor mom and dad a few months of forewarning, and please know that we are so very proud of you!


As I shared with a friend recently, this is kind of like being a foster parent. While many are afraid to be attached to their foster children, anyone who has ever loved one of these precious ones will tell you that attachment is what they so desperately need. Child sponsorship is similar, in that it is easy and equally important to become attached, no matter how long God places these children in our path. For us, I can say that the blessings far outweigh the losses, and we truly reap the benefits maybe more than we even know. So, while this has been a week of bittersweet goodbyes and goodbyes-to-come, we rest in the knowledge that every word written, tear shed, prayer lifted, and penny spent is more than worth the price. We have loved and we have lost, and we plan to continue doing so as long as the Lord allows.


In honor of our precious Kate and Miguel, would you prayerfully consider sponsoring one of these Sunday’s special children?

Mail call Monday: Highlights from El Salvador, India, and the Philippines!

We received three letters from some of our Compassion International children in February, and we’d love to share highlights with you!


Highlights from Tatiana


It seems to us that El Salvador may be sending letters every two months as per the new letter writing guidelines, because we’re seeing a bit of a pattern here while also taking in to account time for transit. Tatiana wrote this letter on November 19 of 2012, and it looks like she is replying to a letter we wrote in August. She begins this letter by telling us that she and her family are doing well and she prays the same for us. She thanks us for the letter to which she is replying and says in answer to our question that to celebrate her birthday in July, she went to church to thank God and invited some friends to her home to eat cake. She shares a bit about the Compassion project where she attends, and that her favorite things to do while there are playing and writing letters to us! Tatiana also tells us that some of the benefits she receives through Compassion are medical checkups, birthday celebrations, and letters from us. Does anyone else notice a pattern here? 😉 She closes her letter by asking for prayer that God would take care of her family and signs her name “with love”.
As always, we love receiving letters from this sweet girl, and her love and personality jumps off the page every time!


Highlights from Pankaj


The next letter we received was from Pankaj in India, and this may be one of the longest letters from him thus far. He greets us and tells us that he and his family and friends are well. He thanks us for our prayers and letters and specifically discusses extra goodies we sent with our Thanksgiving and New Year packages last year. Referring to goals we had for 2012, Pankaj shares his goals with us. He then mentions Andy’s college studies and my work as a voice teacher in reply to another letter and says he is praying for both. Pankaj then says he attends a government school that is about 1Km from his home, and he walks to school at 7:00 and returns home by 12:00. He asks us to pray that he better understands math. Oh, how we can relate! We loved this glimpse into his daily life, and it blesses our hearts that he chose to share it with us. He shares that at the Compassion project he not only learns stories and Bible verses, but he is able to learn English and math and spend time with his friends who are “good company and fun to be with”. He tells us rainy season is in July and August and they grow their own vegetables, because during rainy season there are landslides that prevent vehicles from bringing vegetables to their local market. Lastly, he shares about India’s upcoming Independence Day celebrations. Pankaj closes this letter by expressing his thanks to God that he can go to school and Compassion, for having good friends, and that we love him.


Highlights from Miguel


The last letter we received is from Miguel in the Philippines written on October 15, 2012. Miguel greets us and says he received four letters from us in Sept and Oct, and he shares about his birthday celebration with his family in August. He answers Andy’s question regarding what he wants to do with his college degree in information technology, and tells us about his current class project. Miguel then tells us a bit about his college’s fall break schedule and asks about ours. He tells us he is praying for our prayer requests and shares prayer requests of his own, and he closes wishing us God’s blessings until his next letter.


As always, we loved receiving these precious letters and sharing highlights with you. Letters such as these from our sponsored children are tangible proof of the importance of the child-sponsor relationship. We pray you can see this importance as you read these letter highlights. Have you received any letters from your sponsored children lately? If so, please tell us about them in the comments.

We are linking up with Michelle from Blogging from the Boonies for this mail call Monday post, and we encourage you to read her and others’ letters as well!

Friday-turned-Monday, with a flicker of Friday hope and love

Have you ever had “one of those days”? Come on now… Don’t give me that blank stare, and just raise your hand so I’m not all alone… 😉 I’m sure we all have… Well, last Friday was beyond “one of those days” for me. Honestly, Friday was at the top of my list of days I’d like to forget and not repeat, and I promise I do not say that about many days (even if things don’t go the way I plan). I actually wondered who thought it would be funny to switch my Friday with a Monday, and I would still like to have a “discussion” with the culprit, but I digress… 😉

In the midst of my Friday-turned-Monday, I posted the following on Facebook: “You know what would make me smile today, would be getting a letter from any one of our Compassion kiddos.” Well, our precious niece in the Philippines must have known that we’ve missed her frequent letters lately. Not more than an hour after I posted my Facebook status, this precious letter arrived!

“Dear Uncle Andy and Auntie Miranda, (Doesn’t your heart just melt at this?)

Thank you so much for the b-day card and your greetings for me. Is manok delicious?” (We’re assuming that she is referring to a Philippino chicken dish Andy and I prepared and ate here to celebrate her birthday in April, but we’ve never seen it called Manok.)

Still talking about her birthday, she says: “Thanks again that I am a blessing for you and you also a blessing for me. You are my big gift for as my special sponsor for supporting me.” (Precious Kate, we are the ones receiving the gifts that words could never express)

“I’m so sorry for your ears. Don’t you worry I will continue to pray for your immediate healing and the pain you are now suffering. I love you very much.” (I, Miranda, had a severe ear infection in both ears in July and August, and we wrote each of our Compassion children to specificly request prayer.)

“I can feel your hug and deep concern, I am overwhelmed as I pray for the job that the Lord wil give him as His plan.” (In a recent letter, Andy sent Kate strong hugs and thanked her for her continued prayers regarding his work situation.)

To answer specific questions we asked regarding what she was able to purchase with the $20.00 birthday gift we sent, Kate writes:
1. Step-in are like sandal only that the toes are not covered fully.
2. Chocolate powder are used in porage as coloring and sugar and also in cakes. (This sounds similar to our cocoa powder, and my mouth is now watering!)

“I pray for all your good health. Are there any calamities there in your place? Thanks again.

Love, Kate”

Kate also drew us a very detailed and colorful picture with birds, a house, trees, 3 children, a rainbow and a smiling sun. Her drawings are always so creative! We love this little artist who by the way is growing up so fast, as she is now 11! Kate joined our Compassion family back when she was 8 years old.

So, although my Friday turned into a Monday in many ways, a flicker of Friday hope and love arrived just in time! Isn’t that the way God works? He always does things in his perfect time, right when we need it most.

Have you heard from any of your Compassion children lately? We’d love for you to share about it in the comments!

Would you like to receive precious letters from a child like the one we’ve received from our Kate? Mark and Edwin in the Philippines are waiting for their sponsors, and their birthdays are in just a few short weeks . Will you be one to make their birthdays something to truly celebrate? Sweet Precious’s birthday is one day before Valentine’s day. Will you show her she is truly loved?

Grains of sand, raging waters and hope

I am a very independent person, and I am also a planner. What would I do if my independence was stripped away from me? What if I watched all of my well-laid plans slip through my fingers like tiny grains of sand? What would I do if all I knew as familiar was suddenly gone?
When disaster strikes, we may feel many emotions including: despair, grief, anguish, anger and hopelessness. We may lose our jobs, posessions, homes and even our loved ones. We may try desperately to grasp any sense of normalcy as our independence is stripped away from us, and our well-laid plans slip through our fingers like tiny grains of sand. If you’ve experienced any tragedy in your life, you know exactly what I am referring to.


According to this CNN news report, “The death toll from five days of heavy rains and floods in the Philippines jumped to 60 on Friday, disaster officials said, with the forecast calling for even more showers across the main island of Luzon… More than 2.4 million people have been affected by the weather so far, and more than 3,100 homes have been damaged.”

For those affected by the flooding and heavy rains, this situation may seem hopeless, but there is hope. You can help to give hope and restoration to these beautiful people!

By donating to Compassion International’s disaster relief and recovery fund, you can provide help to Compassion-assisted children and their families in the Philippines. You can help these families to regain their independence, and rebuild their lives on the solid rock on which they can always depend.
Thank you for giving hope and showing the love of Jesus to children and families in need!