Cuteness from Columbia!

While it has been some time since we last updated everyone here, we had to come and share our latest letter from Kevin in Columbia! We plan to update our children’s pictures in the sidebar soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this cuteness!


Dear Andy and Miranda,

Hello dear sponsors and Dusty (the first time any of our children have greeted our cat by name!)! I hope you are fine!

I tell you that we celebrated Christmas in this CDC with games, songs, rounds for children and a special service. The food we had in this celebration was broasted chicken, French fries and soda. I spent my holidays at home taking outings to the park and playing with my friends and sharing with my family.

Tell me: How have you been? Did my sponsor Andy already get a job? Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! I am really happy for this celebration. Thank you for sharing this celebration with me and for your care and dedication to me!

The Bible verse for you is, Psalm 25:2


Kevin drew us a picture.

It is of an airplane that is colored red, white and blue and has an American Flag attached to the tail. It says, “I fly to visit my sponsor and Dusty!”

Oh my! I just cannot contain the cuteness! Have you received any letters recently that just made your heart melt? We would love to hear about them!