Sunday’s Special Children for 11/03/2013



You may have noticed a new page on our blog in the past week. There are many children who are waiting for someone to step up and share the love of Christ with them through sponsorship. Each Sunday as we begin the week in praise to the Lord for all he has given us, we want to take a moment and introduce a few of these special young people to you. Please pray for each of the below children throughout this week, and if the Lord leads you to sponsor one of them, then do not hesitate to do so. You can release your sponsored child from poverty in Jesus’ name! Through your prayers and letters of love and encouragement, your sponsored child will know that he can rise above the circumstances surrounding him. She will know that God’s love is greater than the lies of poverty that are whispered in her ears and heart every day. Thank you for praying and speaking up on behalf of a child living in poverty.


November is National Adoption month! Will you sponsor an orphaned child today?


Here in the United States, November is known as National Adoption month. You may already know that children who have been orphaned are not just located here in the United States, but you may not be called to adopt. By sponsoring a child who has lost one or both parents, you can show them that they will never lose the love of their father in Heaven. The orphan crisis is global, but as children of God, we can each do something to make a difference. Will you speak up on behalf of an orphaned child today?




6-year-old Thasidu lives in Sri Lanka with his father and sister, and there are 3 other children in the family. Thasidu is in kindergarten. Like many little boys his age, Thasidu enjoys playing with cars, hide-and-seek, and running. As of November 3, this precious child has been waiting 428 days for someone to release him from poverty in Jesus’ name. Will you sponsor Thasidu today?




Jhon lives with his father and 2 other siblings in Colombia. He is seven years old and in kindergarten, and one of his favorite activities is soccer. Jhon and his family live in an area with higher risk of child abuse and exploitation. I am sure he would appreciate a woman who would step in as his Godmother to help in his spiritual nurturing and development. Will you or someone you know end this sweet boy’s 428-day wait for a sponsor?




This sweet little girl attends the same Compassion child development center as our Miguel in the Philippines. Rose is four years old and lives with her parents and three siblings. She cares for animals, and she is in preschool. Will you help this beautiful rose to blossom and grow to her fullest God-given potential? Through your love and nourishment, this sweet little flower could radiate God’s beauty amidst her surrounding circumstances.




5-year-old Lorenz also attends our Miguel’s Compassion child development center in the Philippines, and he lives with his parents and one other sibling. Lorenz is in kindergarten and enjoys reading and playing with cars. Lorenz has asthma, but he is receiving  regular medical treatment. Will you help to ensure this precious child can continue to receive the love and care he so desperately needs?




5-year-old Melanie lives in Ecuador with her parents and one sibling. Despite the fact that she is visually impaired, this sweet little girl is exceling in kindergarten. Will you let Melanie know that with God all things are possible? Will you be the one to tell her that she can continue to reach her dreams no matter the circumstances that surround her?




Hector is seven years old and lives with his grandparents and four siblings in Mexico. Hector has partial hearing loss and is struggling in school. Will you pray for and encourage him? Will you let him know that he can trust in Christ and reach his dreams despite his circumstances? Will you tell Hector he is special in the eyes of God?




Ruhama is six and lives in Ethiopia with her foster parents and one sibling. She is in kindergarten and enjoys running and playing volleyball. Will you please end Ruhama’s long wait for a sponsor? As of October 27, she has been waiting 244 days for someone to step in the gap for her. Will that someone be you?




18-year-old Jackson lives in Tanzania with his uncle, aunt, and three siblings. This young man is excelling in his college studies. As he enters adulthood, he could use a mentor to walk beside him and encourage him with prayers and letters of love. Will you let Jackson know he is not forgotten today?




Alexander lives in the Dominican Republic. In fact, this 14-year-old young man attends the same Compassion child development center as our sponsored son Vladimir. Alexander lives with his parents and three siblings, and he enjoys riding a bike, listening to music, and playing group games. I would not be surprised if Alexander and Vladimir may know one another. We would love to tell Vladimir that you sponsored Alexander!




11-year-old Gabriela lives in El Salvador, and she attends the same Compassion child development center as our precious Tatiana. Gabriela lives with her mother and two siblings, and she enjoys art and playing with dolls. Gabriela and Tatiana may very well be friends, and they may even enjoy drawing together as well. As of October 27, Gabriela has been waiting 250 long days for a sponsor. Will you release this precious girl from poverty in Jesus’ name? We would love to write a letter to Tatiana and tell her that you changed Gabriela’s life forever!



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