Day 20: Share a Youtube video

While the challenge for day 20 of our 31 days of compassion may seem simple, it may have a greater impact than you could ever imagine. Today, we want to share videos from Youtube that relate to the global problem of poverty and how we can show compassion and spread God’s love around the world. We chose a Youtube video from Compassion International’s Youtube channel, but you can find any video you wish to share.


Questions to consider when choosing your video:


• What caught your attention and prompted you to watch this video?

• How does this video inspire you to show compassion and spread God’s love?

• Would you be motivated to share this video? If so, please do so.

• What would you say to encourage someone to watch this video when you share it?


Our chosen video: “Grace finds hope”



Confession: No matter how many times I watch this video, I cry. The contrast of emotions and lies waging war in the precious hearts of the people is beautifully heartbreaking. I have seen this video many times since it was first placed online, and each time I am reminded of the blessing of sponsorship, not just for the sponsored child and their family, but for the sponsor as well. I am reminded that we all need grace and hope each day, and we need to give grace and hope through acting in compassion to spread God’s love. Please, watch this video and ask the Lord how he would have you give grace and hope to someone today.


Share your chosen video with us!


What video did you choose to share? How did you share it? What did the Lord teach you through watching and sharing your chosen video? What inspired you to share this video, and why should someone watch it? After watching your chosen video, what would you pray others would take away from this shared experience? How might your chosen video inspire others to spread God’s love through compassion?


31 Days of Compassion

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