Day 13: Children showing compassion Part I: Learning about poverty

Learning about and caring for children in poverty is not just for adults. In fact, children respond well to the needs of their peers around the world. Many times, children are beautiful examples of what it means to show the love and compassion of Christ. Today and tomorrow for days 13 and 14 of our 31 days of compassion, we want you to invite the children in your life to spread God’s love around the globe. Today, we will focus on how children can learn about the needs of their peers who live in poverty.


Christian homeschool curriculum


Compassion International has designed a Christian homeschool curriculum for students to explore other cultures and learn how they can respond to God’s mandate to care for the poor. While this curriculum was designed with a Christian homeschooling family in mind, I believe it could also be used in a Christian school, Sunday school, or other children’s ministry setting.


Have you used this curriculum in a homeschool or children’s ministry?


If so, can you share with our readers and us about your experiences? What setting did you use this curriculum in? What were some creative ways you were able to incorporate this curriculum into your lesson plans? What did your students learn from studying the Scriptures and doing the included activities? How were they inspired to spread God’s love around the globe?


Quest for Compassion: An interactive online game just for kids!


Quest for Compassion is an online game designed to teach kids about children living in poverty. Players will be able to create their very own travel friend as they explore different cultures in a Christ-centered way through educational activities.


Have your children went on a quest for Compassion lately?


If so, what did they learn from the experience? How were they challenged to care for children in poverty as a result of playing this game? What was their favorite thing they learned about another culture that is different from their own?


Compassion explorer magazine: A magazine for kids and us bigger kids at heart!


You do not have to have children with you to enjoy this magazine, but smaller people with big hearts will surely make the memories more enjoyable! Compassion Explorer Magazine includes recipes, crafts, games, devotionals, and so much more to teach about culture and poverty from around the world. This magazine is available online and in print. Just as with the above resources, this would be a blessing for any family or children’s ministry.


Have you or your children enjoyed the Compassion Explorer Magazine?


If so, what was your favorite part? Did your family try any recipes, play any games, or make any crafts you would like to share and recommend? How were you or the children involved challenged to spread God’s love around the globe?


Be sure to share these ministry tools!


We highly encourage you to share the above ministry tools with your family and friends, homeschool families, Christian schools, and children’s ministry leaders. As Compassion International partners with the local churches in the 26 countries where they work, children registered in Compassion’s program have the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel. Allow the children in your life to do the same by giving them the opportunity to obey God’s mandate to care for the poor. If you have any ideas on how to engage children in caring for those in poverty, please let us know! Tomorrow, be sure to join us as we explore a fun and creative way children can minister to their peers living in poverty around the world this Christmas!


31 Days of Compassion

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