Day 8: Praying for children in poverty

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” (Mat 18:20).


If you have prayed for another person or had someone pray for you, then you would agree with me that prayer is very powerful. Whether the need is related to health, finances, relationships, ministry, salvation, or employment, prayer is a driving force in the body of Christ. Without that intimate conversation with our creator, we have a breakdown in our vital relationship with him.


Today, as we begin day eight of our 31 days of compassion, we want to gather to pray for children in poverty around the world. While we could simply pray for the Lord to bless and be near to all children in poverty, and we should pray for this, we have a unique opportunity to pray for children by name. We may not see their faces, but God sure does. He knows their needs, and we have the privilege of joining hearts across the globe and lifting our voices on their behalf.


Will you join us in prayer?


Through a free monthly prayer calendar delivered right to your email inbox, Compassion International gives you a unique way to pray specifically for children and staff involved in their ministry. Andy and I receive the prayer partner newsletter, and it has challenged us in our relationships with the Lord. As we intercede on behalf of children in poverty who are so very close to the heart of God, we feel a deeper connection with the creator of life.


Let us take a deeper look inside the prayer calendar


When I open the prayer calendar email each month, I am challenged by an overall message to take away. The message for this month reminded me that children observe and imitate those around them. Not only am I challenged to pray for the children and staff in Compassion’s ministry, but also I am reminded that the children in my life observe me and imitate what they see.


Highlighting needs around the world


Each month, the prayer calendar highlights specific needs around the world. These needs could include:


• Children and staff suffering loss because of natural disasters

• Safety and protection for those in vulnerable situations

• Children who are victims of abuse and other violation

• Children at-risk for or suffering from health concerns

• Family, friends, and sponsors grieving the loss of a precious child’s life

• Children grieving the loss of family members

• Family members suffering from health concerns

• Highlighting specific ministry partners and programs

• The ministry of sponsors and Compassion advocates


Scripture tells us repeatedly that the Lord hears the cries of his children. What prayers has God answered for you lately? Can you share a time when you have been blessed by someone praying for you? Will you join us and become a prayer partner with Compassion?



31 Days of Compassion

2 thoughts on “Day 8: Praying for children in poverty

  1. Amen! I love being a prayer partner with Compassion! I love knowing that I’m not the only person praying for each request…it’s so encouraging to know that there are so many others praying for the same thing!

    • Hi Hannah,
      I know! Isn’t it amazing to know that people from all around the globe are all praying for the same child, situation, ETC? Wow! God uses his family in powerful ways!
      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment, and have a blessed weekend!

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