Day 6: A pop quiz on poverty

We are almost a week into our 31 days of compassion, and we have been challenged to consider what compassion looks like to God, to others, and to us. Andy and I are looking forward to continuing this series, and we pray you will join us. Yesterday, we shared how we can each spread God’s love locally. Today, let us expand our focus and begin looking at poverty from a global perspective.


As the title of this post indicates, we have a pop quiz. Let me assure you that this is not like the pop quizzes we all endured in grade school. Please do not go back to yesterday’s post and think you missed some homework or need to study. You will not receive a grade, but you may be challenged to look at poverty in a completely new light.


To learn more about global poverty, take this 10-question quiz. These few moments may change your life and the lives of others forever. You will be challenged by the contrast of poverty and progress of hope displayed.


Andy’s reflections on the quiz


Going in, I thought the quiz would be difficult. I was right. This quiz was indeed difficult. I found that I did not know as much as I first thought about poverty and statistics I previously thought Compassion had researched on their own actually came from other sources. Learning that Compassion has taken statistics from these other sources has given me more respect for this ministry that I already love. Before now, I had never looked in-depth at Compassion’s sources. I had always heard statistics given by Compassion and simply assumed they had done the underlying research themselves.


Miranda’s reflections on the quiz


As I began this quiz, I was surprised at the exactness of the first question. While I have considered statistics with larger numbers and timeframes, I did not expect the question to have such a narrow focus. I struggled throughout the quiz to know many of the answers. As an official advocate with Compassion who has seen numerous amounts of stats, it can be easy to feel I know more than I actually do about poverty. This was a humbling realization. However, poverty is very complex. As I reviewed my answers compared to the correct ones, I saw glimpses of hope where I first thought poverty had a greater effect. This experience was eye opening and encouraged me to continue fighting on behalf of children in poverty.


If the 1-hour conversation Andy and I had this morning is any indication, then this quiz is a great discussion starter! We want to hear your thoughts and reflections in the comments, and we will give our thoughts on specific questions in response. Additionally, please share this post via your social networks below, and encourage your friends to discuss their thoughts and reactions to the quiz and what they have learned.


Five Reflection questions


  1. What were your initial thoughts as you started the quiz?
  2.  Were there any questions you struggled to answer? If so, what ones and why?
  3.  What is at least one new thing you learned about poverty that you did not know prior to taking the quiz?
  4.  How does what you taught from this quiz challenge you to respond to the problem of poverty?
  5.  Would you encourage your family and friends to learn more about poverty around the world by taking this quiz? If so, please share it via at least one social network below.


Taking this quiz gives us only a glimpse of poverty around the globe. As I mentioned above in my initial reflections, poverty is very complex. Join us tomorrow as we break down some of the problems faced by individuals who live in poverty. We will talk about education, health, hunger, and more.



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