Day 3: Digging deeper and hearing God’s heart

We are now at day 3 of our 31 days of compassion, and it is amazing to see how the Lord is using this experience to change lives! Yesterday, we shared Scriptures that inspire us to care for the poor. Today, we want to dig deeper into God’s word and hear more of his heart on justice, compassion, and poverty.


As we consider all that Scripture has to say about justice, compassion, and poverty, you may be overwhelmed by the myriad of verses exhorting us to care for the poor. Or, after searching the Scriptures with us yesterday, you may want more than a taste of the truth. Among the many ways we can dig deeper into God’s word, there is a variety of Bible reading plans available.


One free resource for such plans is Youversion. We appreciate the wide array of Bible reading plans available on Youversion, and there is of course the bonus of portability with their mobile applications. I was blessed to find multiple reading plans on such topics as compassion, justice, and poverty. Some examples include 7-day plans on compassion, justice, and poverty from the American Bible Society, Compassion: A 14-Day Journey, and Restart: Compassion and Justice (40 days). In order to use Youversion, you need to create a free account, but this only takes a moment and is well worth your time.


Today, Andy and I will be choosing to study God’s word further through one of these Bible reading plans. How about you? Will you join us? Will you choose a Bible reading plan and study what the Scriptures say about compassion, justice, and poverty? Do you have any other resources you would like to recommend for studying these topics in Scripture? As we continue to hear God’s heart for the poor, I pray that we would encourage one another and share our thoughts and experiences in the comments. Be sure to come back tomorrow and join us to talk about caring for the littlest, but not least among us.


31 Days of Compassion

4 thoughts on “Day 3: Digging deeper and hearing God’s heart

  1. Yes! I’d love to join you guys with one of these studies!! Thanks so much for sharing them!! I’d been praying about wanting to start a study and was trying to think about what I wanted to study…I think this is the answer. I think I’ll start with the 14 day study on Compassion. Thanks again for sharing these!!

    • Thanks for your encouraging comment and enthusiasm to join us in this time of studying the Scriptures! Please feel free to share this post and the resources with others so they can join us in digging deeper to hear God’s heart for the poor. It is just like the Lord to give us what we desire at the exact moment and in the exact way he sees fit. I may be doing the 14-day study of compassion as well, but I’m still deciding which one I’ll choose. We’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections as you study, and please comment with prayer requests if you’d like as well. We pray many blessings on you as you draw closer to God’s heart of compassion, and that you are challenged to grow in your relationship, love, and service to him!

  2. Thanks for the resources! I’ve been enjoying receiving your emails each morning with a bit of encouragement and focus to get my day started right! I’m excited to dig into one of these studies this weekend.

    • Hi Breanne,
      Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comment! I’m sorry the post for today went out later than expected, but we had internet troubles from some nasty weather rolling through. We pray you continue to be blessed by each of these posts, and please feel free to share them with others as well. We’d love to know which Bible reading plan you choose to read through, and feel free to share thoughts and reflections along the way as you study the Scriptures. If you have any prayer requests you want to pass along as you study, we and your fellow readers would love to pray for you.
      Many blessings, and we’re praying for the Lord to challenge and bless you in this journey of compassion!

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