Miranda’s reflections on day 1: 50 cents and a smile

I could not simply place this God-sized story in the comments section of the day 1 post for you to miss, because I want to share how faithful the Lord is in answering a very simple prayer. Before I left for classes at the local community college this morning, Andy and I prayed for God to give us ways to show our definition of compassion today.


Later in the morning, when I transferred from one city bus to another, I encountered a driver who was extremely rude and disrespectful to another passenger. After further discussion with this passenger, I learned that she is new in town and this explained her being unfamiliar with how the public transportation system works. In short, she needed money to get back home later in the day and was not aware she needed exact change. Before my conversation with this passenger, I had previously tried to help her locate her destination and encountered the unkind words of the driver in return for my efforts. I sat in my seat, feeling frustrated and sad for this other young woman, and the Lord prompted me to check my wallet.


While I carry quarters with me at all times for bus money, 50 cents will get me nowhere. Unless they equal 75 cents or more, those quarters are essentially useless to me. To this other passenger however, who was lacking the needed 50 cents, those quarters would be priceless. When I checked my wallet at the Lord’s prompting, I found a mere 50 cents. By blessing this newcomer with what I otherwise might have seen as a meager gift, the Lord allowed me to show compassion to someone today. If I had not had my eyes open to the Lord’s leading, I might have missed such a beautiful encounter.


Do you want to encounter compassion? Starting right where you are, you can envelop the globe with God’s love. It is not too late to join us in our 31 Days of Compassion!

31 Days of Compassion

4 thoughts on “Miranda’s reflections on day 1: 50 cents and a smile

    • Thank you for your encouraging comment. I’ll admit that it is not every day that I have my ear so tuned to the promptings of the holy spirit. I think many of us may struggle with this, as life and the many distractions bombarding us can block out God’s still small voice if we let them. This should be a good reminder for all of us to be more diligent in truly listening to the Lord’s prompting, and then acting in obedience to what he says. It is humbling and amazing to think of what would happen each time we listened and obeyed! Thanks again for your comment, and have a blessed day!

    • Kerri,
      Thanks for your sweet comment. This definitly was a God-sized story that I absolutely had to share. It is always humbling to think that God can use us in ways we may see as small to make a big difference and impact for someone else and his kingdom. This sweet young woman actually approached me Wednesday while I was waiting for the bus, and she thanked me again. I was able to share with her a bit about what led up to our first encounter, and we were both blessed to be able to connect again. I never even expected to see her again after our first encounter, so this was a pleasant surprise for sure.

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