Day 1: Defining and showing compassion

Welcome to October and the first of our 31 days of Compassion! Are you wondering what this 31 days of Compassion is all about? Read the series introduction here.


What is compassion? That is the question we want to answer today. When you think of the word “compassion”, what does that word mean to you? What is your definition of “compassion”, and how can you show compassion, the way you define it, to someone today? Remember, showing compassion could start as close as in your very own home, or it could be as far-reaching as blessing a stranger in need.


As my husband Andy and I prepared for this series, we discussed what our definition of compassion looks like. For us, the word compassion means having empathy for an individual or group of people, and coming alongside them to show God’s love when they need to experience him the most. Compassion may not look elaborate, but it entails meeting people’s needs right where they’re at and allowing them to see and experience Jesus in and through us.


Andy and I are commiting to pray and seek the Lord’s direction in how he would have us show compassion to someone today. We look forward to sharing our experiences in the comments tonight. What is your definition of “compassion”? How will you (or did you) show compassion to someone today? We would love for you to join the discussion as we begin this 31 day journey of compassion, and please invite others to join you! Come back here tomorrow to search the Scriptures and share God’s heart for the poor.

31 Days of Compassion

4 thoughts on “Day 1: Defining and showing compassion

  1. I see compassion as both feeling sympathy and empathy with a person and then acting upon those feelings to help the person….but not helping as in a superior person “fixing” the other person, but as a friend comes alongside a friend in times of need…to encourage, to meet needs and to point to God. I’m having fun getting caught up on all my blog reading today!!

    • Thanks for choosing to read and comment on our blog. We’re so glad you stopped by! I love your definition of compassion. I was especially captivated by your comment about coming alongside the person in need rather than acting in a superior manner. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of thinking these people who are in need are somehow less than us, and that thereby entitles us to treat them as less important–less in value or worth. We seem to think that if they are in need in one way, then they most certainly must be helpless period. The problem with that theory is that we are all broken and in need of fixing by God’s redemption and love. None of us are perfect. Thanks for reminding us of the truths taught in Philippians 2:3. Feel free to stop by to share any time!

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