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Old Shoes

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They have loved sacrificially and been cherished by many. Whether walking 4 miles with five-year-old Maria and her mother to get water each day, trudging through the mud-soaked earth on a rainy Saturday to take Carlos to his Compassion project, or serving as the “Sunday best” shoes for Ruth, Daniel, Cindi, Blessed, Hope, and Jole, the goal of these two servant-sized soles has always been to walk the Gospel mile. They have reached this goal many times over and have just one request as they step out of the limelight.


They are asking you to step up and walk the Gospel mile for a child whose feet and heart are weary and torn. The road is winding, muddy, and steep, and you may be worn and frayed in the end. However, you can protect a child from the shattered glass of life and the scars that poverty’s trash leaves behind. You can continue the legacy left by two soles whose inward light still shines despite the outward fade of time.




At age 4, Marten lives in Indonesia with his parents and 5 siblings. He has been waiting just a few days shy of a year for someone to be the feet of Jesus and walk the Gospel mile on his behalf. Is that someone going to be you?




Umasha turned 9 on August 8, and she lives in Sri Lanka with her parents and 2 siblings. She too has been waiting just a few days shy of a year for someone to cheer her on as she succeeds in her education. Will you walk the Gospel mile with Umasha and let her know she can reach her dreams and make a difference for Christ in her world?




Lokhikanto lives with his parents and one sibling in Bangladesh in an area of high risk for child abuse and exploitation, and he will turn 6 years old on October 10. Lokhikanto shares his birthday with my husband Andy. Will you help this precious boy run to Jesus’ everlasting love?




Justine will turn 8 on October 31, and he lives in Uganda with his parents and 7 siblings. Justine is not presently attending school, and his community is in need of scholastic materials. HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and waterborne diseases are health-related concerns within this community as well. Justine’s parents are not always able to find work, and those who are employed as subsistance farmers in Justine’s community only make $16.00 per month. Will you step into this precious boy’s life and walk the Gospel mile on his behalf?


“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Isa 52:7; Rom 10:15).

2 thoughts on “Walk the Gospel mile

  1. I really enjoyed this post too! It’s so challenging to think about precious kids lacking shoes…and yet so encouraging to see how God uses Compassion to help bring change into the lives of these kids! Not just shoes, but the good news of Jesus!

    • Thanks for reading and leaving your sweet comment. We agree that it is sad to imagine these precious children without shoes. I’ll admit that I have more than enough pairs of shoes, and while I’m glad I have shoes to wear, I think I take the availability for granted. Writing this post opened my eyes a bit more to the reality for what life is like for these children. Compassion is such a blessing not only in the children’s lives, but in our lives as well! 🙂 Andy and I can say for sure that our perspective has shifted in the past 9 years we’ve been involved with Compassion. Thanks again for your comment, and feel free to stay in touch! 🙂

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