Introducing 31 days of Compassion!

We are very excited to be joining with The Nester and a host of other bloggers for this year’s 31 days series! If you are unfamiliar with 31 Days, it occurs each October. Bloggers who participate in 31 Days post something for each day of the month, and there are a variety of topics covered throughout this month-long challenge. If you are a blogger and want to learn more, there is still time to join the fun! This is our first time to participate in 31 days, and we have been preparing and looking forward to joining these bloggers since we learned of this last year. Read on to learn what 31 Days will look like here on our blog.


31 Days of Compassion: Spreading God’s love locally and globally


Starting Tuesday, October 1, we want to take you on an interactive 31-day journey of poverty and compassion. Our journey will begin right where you are and expand to envelop the globe with God’s love. We encourage you to fully embrace this journey, as we seek God’s heart in spreading compassion around the world. You will have ample opportunities to share your experiences both here and beyond. Moreover, we pray these 31 days are simply the beginning of something grater the Lord would do in our hearts and lives.


Each day in the month of October, you can expect to find a new blog post containing our interactive activity for the day. It is through these activities that we will learn and be challenged, pray and search the Scriptures, engage in discussion, and find practical ways to get involved in God’s work. If you have not already done so, we invite you to subscribe to our blog via email or RSS, follow us on Twitter, or connect with us on Facebook to not miss out on this wonderful experience. In addition, all posts will be linked to on our 31 Days of compassion page for ease of reference. Please share this journey of compassion with your family and friends, as anyone can participate and it’s much more enjoyable to share with those you love. After you have completed each day’s activity, feel free to leave your reflections in the comments section of that particular post. You will find our reflections either in the post itself or the comments section, depending on the activity.


As a token of gratitude for your participation in 31 days of Compassion, we will host giveaways throughout the month of October. We hope these gifts will inspire you to find creative ways to show God’s love to others. As we enter this next month, we are praying for many lives to be changed for the glory of God and the expansion of his kingdom. Will you pray with us? Will you commit to join us as poverty and Compassion collide to create everlasting change in someone’s world—your world?

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    • Thanks so much for your comment! We are so excited about this series, and we look forward to writing it. Feel free to share with anyone you feel may be blessed by the series. Thanks again, and have a blessed weekend!

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