For the love of Literacy

“The more you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss


For as long as I can remember, I have loved to read and write. My literacy education began at a young age, and the benefits I have since experienced are numerous. I feel blessed to have the ability to read and write. There are 781 million illiterate adults worldwide, and 64 percent of them are women.


My love for reading and writing increased throughout my teens and early twenties. I exceled in any English classes, and could often be found writing songs and poetry or engrossed in a good book. Sadly, an estimated 130 million of the world’s 15- to 24- year-olds cannot read or write. Read more facts about education here.


Today is being recognized as International Literacy Day, a day set aside to raise awareness about the importance of literacy for education and job readiness. If you have reached this website and read these words thus far, I will assume you are indeed literate. Furthermore, if you have successfully completed your primary, secondary, or higher education, you understand the joy and importance of literacy.


For families living in poverty, education may be of lower importance or difficult to access. Instead of attending school, some children and teens work to help support their family. Children and youth registered in Compassion International’s program have access to educational opportunities. Such opportunities may include school uniforms, tuition and supplies, literacy workshops and support, and supplemental tutoring assistance. A recent study noted that Compassion-sponsored children are 13.3 percent more likely to finish primary school and 27-40 percent more likely to finish secondary school than their non-sponsored peers. At 38 percent, the most commonly noted benefit found through Compassion’s program was educational assistance.


The encouragement of a sponsor can be the boost a young person needs to reach his or her highest potential. Will you help a child or teen ensure access to literacy education? Such education would afford your sponsored child opportunities for higher education and a successful career to become economically self-sufficient. Through your prayers and words of encouragement, your sponsored child will know that someone is proud of their accomplishments and beside them in their struggles. Will you change a life for the love of literacy?




Jacimario lives in Brazil with his mother and four siblings. At age ten, he is struggling in kindergarten and could use your encouragement and support. The tutors at Jacimario’s Compassion child development center provide him with tutoring, but his community is in need of schools. This precious boy has been waiting 434 days for a sponsor. Will you be the one to watch Jacimario succeed?




Pawan lives in East India in an area of higher child abuse and exploitation. He will turn six years old this coming Tuesday, September 10. What a birthday gift you could give this child by encouraging his love of reading, helping him as he struggles in preschool, and ending his 372-day wait for a sponsor! I am sure Pawan would thoroughly enjoy reading your letters!




Mariela lives in a community in Nicaragua that is in need of schools. At age twelve, a time of vulnerability and transition in any young person’s life, this precious girl is struggling in primary school and would appreciate your prayers and words of love. Would you be willing to end her 282-day wait for a sponsor and help her Compassion child development center provide her with academic support, school uniforms and shoes? Beyond meeting these needs, you could be the one to encourage Mariela as she blossoms in to a beautiful woman and reaches her full God-given potential.




13-year-old Alison lives with his mother in the Dominican Republic. He is struggling in primary school, and you could come alongside his Compassion child development center as they provide Alison with courses in writing, spelling and literacy. If you or someone you know is a man who enjoys sports, and you believe this teenage boy needs a male role model as he enters into manhood, please prayerfully consider sponsoring Alison today.




Nadège is 14 and lives with her foster parents and four other children in Burkina Faso. Nadège is visually impaired and receiving medical treatment. As someone who has always needed specialized educational services because of my visual impairment, I cannot imagine baring the added burden of living in a community with higher risk of child abuse and exploitation. Moreover, this community needs primary schools and although Nadège’s foster parents sometimes find work as subsistence farmers, they only earn an average of $10.00 per month. This young woman is in the midst of her tumultuous teen years, and your prayers and letters of love and encouragement may be what she needs to know she is not alone. Will you please let Nadège know someone cares and you are in her corner, even from the other side of the world?

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    • We’re so glad you were blessed by this post and were happy to share it! We found the stats very eye-opening, and it’s neat and encouraging to see how vital Compassion is in these children’s lives and education.

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