Dear Me

Dear Me,

I have prayed all week about how I might write this letter to you. This is difficult to write. In fact, this is the third time I have tried. You may not understand why I want to talk with you and the things I will share, but I want you to remember these words in the future.


Forgive Dad for not being there. When you are eight years old, you will meet a daddy who will love you and never leave you, and his name is Jesus. Do not let your blindness stop you from reaching your dreams. Know those dreams will change over time, but they will become clearer through the years. Jesus says he has grate plans for you, so please believe and trust him. When you are twelve, you will feel called to music ministry. That picture may look blurry now, but the Lord will bring this calling in to greater focus when the time is right. Be patient, even though you and I both know this is easier said than done.


You will move more times than you or I would like, but you will make new friends along the way. Some friends will only appear for a season in your life, but others will remain even as I write this. Treasure family and the memories made with them. You are loved, even when deep inside you do not think so.


In school, you will be teased early on about your blindness. Pay no mind to the girls who say hurtful things, because they will apologize later. Remember that true beauty is found from within and you are the apple of your Daddy Jesus’ eye.


You will love any classes to do with writing and music, but you will not like history, science, or math. You will struggle in sixth and seventh grade to get the help you need, and mom will fight very hard for you. In eighth grade, you will move back to a familiar city to get the needed help with school, and even though you will miss your friends, you will be glad for the move.

As you go through high school, you may feel like no one understands the real you, and you will wear an invisible mask behind your beautiful smile. You will look for love and experience loss, but Jesus will never leave or forsake you. You will sing and write to heal and read to escape, and this is ok as long as you get up with your alarm each morning. You will move again in the fall of your sophomore year, and you will begin to realize what God called you both to do and not to do. As you near your high school graduation, you will make plans. Know that those plans will change, and do not be afraid of the changes.


You will marry the most wonderful man on Earth, and God will use your love for music and writing to fulfill his plans and dreams for your life. You will make mistakes along the way, but please do not hold on to regret.

Not long after you get married, you will begin to show children from around the world that they have a daddy who will love them and never leave them. You will write and encourage them to not hide behind their beautiful smiles, and to not let their circumstances stop them from reaching their dreams. You will remind them that God has grate plans for them, and to please believe and trust him. You will share your life with them and remind them that you were a child once too.


Dear Me,

I am proud of you, and Jesus loves you. Thanks for sharing his love with children just like you—just like me.


If you were to write a letter to your childhood self, what would you say? Although you cannot go back in time and actually talk to your childhood self, there are children who need to hear what you have to say. Will you share your life, advice, dreams, fears, and prayers with a child just like you—just like me?




Not only does this precious 6-year-old from Indonesia share my first name, but she and I share a love for singing and both of our birthdays are in March! Will you pray Zephania 3:17 over this child and let the Lord use you to sing a song of love to her?




Beautiful 9-year-old Sharitt lives in Bolivia with her stepfather and mother, and she lives in an area with a higher risk of child abuse and exploitation. I imagine she is even more vonerable, because like me, she is visually impaired. Will you pray Psalm 119:105 over Sharitt and assure her that she does not need to be afraid?




This 18-year-old young woman lives in Tanzania with her mother and 5 siblings. Growing up without my Earthly father, I learned that Jesus is my Heavenly Father who loves me with an everlasting love.  The Scriptures say that God is the father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5). Will you share this good news with Paskalina and let her know she is never alone? Will you tell her how much her Daddy Jesus loves and wants to protect her?




Sandra is eight years old and lives in Ghana with her mother. As of the writing of this post, this sweet girl has been waiting 402 days for someone to encourage her through prayers and letters of love. Will you be that someone who tells her she is special and her too long wait is over?

10 thoughts on “Dear Me

  1. Isn’t it amazing to look back over your childhood and see God’s hand? I wrote a ‘dear me’ letter last year and it was startling to me to see how clearly He was in the details. Great post.

    • Trina, it really is amazing. I have never written such a letter to myself before now, and although I found it to be a challenge, it was also very eye-opening and worthwhile. I encourage everyone to write at least one letter to themselves in their life. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, and have a blessed week!

    • Thank you for your encouraging comment! I am truly blessed, and writing this post gave me a glimpse of where I’ve been and where God is taking me–it’s one amazing adventure! Thanks as well for your comment on how I placed the children in this post. I wanted to find a way to feature each of them and share how their stories fit into the content so well. Actually, I was unable to really write this post until the Lord led me to these precious girls. It was then that I could focus on certain aspects of my testimony and weave their stories in at the end.

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  3. I really enjoyed your post….my first Compassion child was deaf and this gave me a little insight into what it may have been for her growing up. Now she’s working with disabled kids in Uganda! I love how you are speaking truth and love into the lives of your sponsored kids. And I hope that the beautiful children who’s bios you shared are sponsored soon and can hear these words from their sponsors!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by to read this post and comment! I enjoyed learning about your first sponsored child and how she has taken what some would see as a terrible situation and used it to bless others and share with them the love of Christ! How exciting, and I’m sure you are so proud of her and blessed to have been such a large part of her growth! I just recently heard the testimony of David Ring, and I would encourage you to learn more about him and his ministry if you are not familiar with him. I believe you would be blessed as I was to hear his story. Thank you also for your encouragement regarding our Compassion children. I have actually thought since writing this letter to myself about writing it in a way that could be shared with our Compassion children and encouraging them to write a letter to themselves as well. Do you have any thoughts? We are also praying for these precious children to find their special sponsors.

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your heart Miranda! We are beyond blessed to have you as a Compassion Blogger. Now, excuse me while I go wipe my tears and thank God for you!

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