A year in review: Update on our Nov 2013 Dominican Republic trip

It was a year ago today when we first shared with you our dream of traveling to the Dominican Republic this November with Compassion International as part of a sponsor-exposure tour. On this trip, we will experience the ministry of Compassion first-hand, meet our sponsored child Vladimir, and raise awareness about Compassion’s ministry through our blog and future opportunities. Much has happened in the past year, and we wanted to write and update regarding our fundraising efforts and specific prayer requests.


Fundraising updates


First, we would like to thank those who have donated to this trip. As a result of our saving and donations, both the Compassion International expenses and our passports have been funded. We are still raising funds for remaining expenses including travel and lodging within the United States, immunizations and Malaria medications, and any other incidentals we may encounter. In continuing to raise the needed funds, we are in the process of researching and planning various fundraising activities, and we look forward to updating you on their success when the time comes. As stated before, any money raised above and beyond the costs of this trip will be donated to Compassion International upon our arrival home to aid their ministry in the Dominican Republic. If you feel led to donate towards this trip, please feel free to go here to do so. Please keep in mind that donations are not tax deductible, as we are receiving services in return for expenses paid.


Prayer requests


We have seen the Lord work miracles in this past year, and we are trusting that he will continue to do so. Here are some specific prayer requests that we would like to share with you.


  1. Please pray for wisdom, peace, and strength for the Compassion staff who are working tirelessly to plan this trip.
  2. Please pray for everyone planning to travel, that all needs would be met and every heart would be open to what the Lord would have in store.
  3. Please pray for the Lord to prepare the hearts of the children, staff, and families in the Dominican Republic as we long to be a blessing and minister to them while we’re there.
  4. Please pray for Andy and myself to continue trusting the Lord for the finances and other trip needs to be met.
  5. Pray also that we will have grace, patience, and flexability with one another before, during, and after we travel.
  6. Please pray for anyone who reads our blog. As we hope to raise awareness of children in poverty and the ministry of Compassion International, please pray for the Lord to open hearts and lead who he sees best to join us in meeting the needs of these precious children.


Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We look forward to updating you again as the weeks go on and our departure draws near.

8 thoughts on “A year in review: Update on our Nov 2013 Dominican Republic trip

  1. Glad to hear that God has provided so much for your trip already!! I pray you continue to trust Him for all of your needs as you prepare for your trip.

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