A minute with Mo


My name is Mo, and I am a mosquito. But, I’m not just any ‘ol mosquito. I harbor a secret. If you give me just a minute, then I will tell you all about it. I should warn you that this minute will pass quickly, but the effects are life changing

You see, I, and many mosquitos like me, carry around the disease called malaria. Within the minute it will take you to read this, two children will have died from this disease. After we bite, we do not stick around to see the results of our destruction, but I am told it starts with flu-like symptoms and progresses from there. Within two days, a child can slip into a coma and die. You may be wondering why I am trusting you with my lethal secret. Well, the reason is simple; I do not want another child to die. Will you help me break this destructive habit? Will you take another minute to donate an insecticide-treated Mosquito net? Your donation of just $10.00 will provide a family with a net and education about malaria prevention. What’s more,, your donation provides treatment to children suffering from malaria, chagas disease, and dengue fever. If you promise to bite malaria, I will promise to not bite back.

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