“I left my heart…”

In honor of World Poetry Day, I wanted to share a poem I wrote back in October, when I didn’t even mean to. That’s right, I was not planning to write anything that night, but as the Lord would have it, I drafted this post 5 months in advance. Now if only I could always be this much of a planner!


October 10, 2012


As I sit in my office, and listen to the rain fall outside, my mind wanders and I begin to write.


I left my heart…


I left my heart broken

I left my heart bruised

I left my heart shattered

I left my heart torn

I left my heart wide open and bleeding love

Silent tears the only words it could pour

I left my heart in pieces at your feet,

And ever so gently, you picked it up in your hands to mend and mold

Now it’s not my heart, but yours.


So take this heart and imprint your words

that your little ones need to hear.

Take your gentle nail-scarred hands,

and wipe away their tears.

Father to the fatherless, hold them close

and drive away their fears,

When they feel forgotten and all alone,’

love them through the years.


Take this passion burning deep

to bless and love the least of these.

Thirst and hunger their silent cries

I cannot run frightened, deaf, and blind.

I must share of your body and blood

the greatest gift of sacrificial love.

The lies of poverty, they must cease

for in your name, this child shall be released!




If you have written or would like to write a poem in honor of World Poetry Day, we would love to read it. Maybe your poem is about poverty, or maybe it’s about your sponsored child. Whatever the Lord leads you to write, we pray this post and experience will bless you!

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