A gift of love from the heart

When we think of Valentine’s Day, some of the first things we think of are flowers, candy, special Valentine’s Day cards, and red hearts. The symbol of a red heart is not just associated with Valentine’s Day, but it is seen as a symbol of love. Have you ever wondered how you could give a Valentine’s Day gift of love that has an eternal impact for the kingdom of God? Have you considered releasing a child from poverty in Jesus’ name this Valentine’s Day?

Some of the children served by the ministry of Compassion International have been waiting for a long time to have a sponsor say, “I love you”. In fact, there are children who have been waiting more than six months for their special sponsor! The red heart symbolizes these children’s long wait. Will you end a child’s long wait today?
Five-year-old Jaren in Honduras has been waiting 197 days for a sponsor, and his birthday is today!
Yulianny from the Dominican Republic has been waiting for 228 days for a sponsor to change her life. Will you bless her on her birthday with a gift that will last forever?
Oumarou lives in Burkina Faso with his uncle and mother. This birthday boy has been waiting 198 days for a sponsor to say “I love you”! Will you be that special someone?

Desmond lives in Ghana and has been waiting 258 days for his special sponsor. What a precious birthday gift a new sponsor would be!

There are many other children who have been waiting for more than six months for a sponsor to share with them the love of Christ. No matter who you choose to love this Valentine’s Day, we know this will be a gift both you and they will never forget!

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