Mail Call Monday: To El Salvador and India we go!

We received two letters from our precious Compassion children on Friday. One letter is from Pankaj in India, and the other is from Tatiana in El Salvador! As we read these letters, we love how their sweet personalities shine right through their words of love straight into our hearts!

Pankaj’s Letter:

Dear Uncle and Aunty “Andy and Miranda.”

My family and I are doing good. I want to thank you for your letters. I really enjoy reading your letters and I also love to learn about your family. My friend Ankit is doing good. I love to hear from you and respond to your letters. Since you asked about my brothers, I want to tell you that my elder brother Sarjay is 14 years old and studies in 8th grade. My younger brother Neeraj who is 1 ½ years old is learning to walk. I love to play cricket with my friends and sometimes love to throw the ball. My favourite Bible story is the story of “David and Goliath.” My favourite subject is Hindi. Thank you so much for your love and prayers. Please write to me soon. [Yours Pankaj]

Pankaj has mentioned in multiple letters how much he loves receiving our letters and learning about our family and life. This is proof that our letters do matter and make a huge difference! He is also very good about answering our questions!

Tatiana’s Letter:

This is a letter written in the new format. The letter gives Tatiana several topics to write about. She has chosen ‘A day in my life’.

Dear sponsors Andy and Miranda, I greet you with many kisses. I hope you are doing well. I will tell you about a day in my life. Every day is very special for me but Wednesday is my favorite one. First of all, I get up and take a shower. I change clothes and have breakfast, I brush my teeth and go to school. Then we go to the market and go home and have lunch. I brush my teeth, take a nap and get up. I change clothes and go and play with my friend Fabiola. Then I go home and help my mom to make dinner. I make some juice. We have dinner together and then watch TV. I brush my teeth, pray and go to bed. I thank God because every day is a blessing. I am glad to have a nice family. With much love Tatiana.

Dear sponsors, I thank you for the birthday gift send, $20.00. Thanks for the nice letter. My family is doing very well. We are in good health. I love to play soccer. I help by bringing tortillas to home I play games with my mom. The place from which I get our water is about 10 steps from home. I learn to read the Bible. I love to read books. Yes, I have accepted Christ in my heart. My favorite Bible verse is Joshua 1:9. Yes, I am baptized. I am learning about subtraction and division right now. I want to be a fashion designer. Wishing blessing.

We have not received many letters from Tatiana, and her previous letters were written on the templates for younger children since she just turned 9 in July. So, this letter gives us a better look at her loving and affectionate personality! We feel like her joy just jumps off the paper! She too is great at answering a variety of questions from multiple letters we’ve sent!

Have you received letters from your sponsored children lately? If so, we’d love to hear about them in the comments section!

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    • Hi Hannah,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on our mail call post! Agreed and agreed! We have enjoyed browsing your blog posts, commenting on your mail call post, and will be subscribing to your blog as well!
      Please, feel free to stay in touch!
      We pray that God will bless you for your heart for his precious children!

    • Hi Emily,
      Thanks for your comment and for following our blog! We’ve subscribed to your blog as well, and love it!
      We loved receiving these letters for sure, and loved the great detail Tatiana used in describing her day! What a unique way to use the “day in my life” template for your boy to tell about his birthday! Very creative! 🙂
      Feel free to stay in touch, and have a blessed week!

    • Hi Lizzie,
      Thanks for stopping by our blog and reading our mail call post! We’re so glad you commented too!
      I agree with you! Tatiana’s letter is full of so much detail for sure! 🙂 Like we said in the post, this is the first letter we received that wasn’t just the template filled in, and it’s so precious! 🙂 Thanks too for your compliment on our children. 🙂 We love each of them so very much!
      Please, feel free to stay in touch, and have a blessed week!

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