Friday-turned-Monday, with a flicker of Friday hope and love

Have you ever had “one of those days”? Come on now… Don’t give me that blank stare, and just raise your hand so I’m not all alone… 😉 I’m sure we all have… Well, last Friday was beyond “one of those days” for me. Honestly, Friday was at the top of my list of days I’d like to forget and not repeat, and I promise I do not say that about many days (even if things don’t go the way I plan). I actually wondered who thought it would be funny to switch my Friday with a Monday, and I would still like to have a “discussion” with the culprit, but I digress… 😉

In the midst of my Friday-turned-Monday, I posted the following on Facebook: “You know what would make me smile today, would be getting a letter from any one of our Compassion kiddos.” Well, our precious niece in the Philippines must have known that we’ve missed her frequent letters lately. Not more than an hour after I posted my Facebook status, this precious letter arrived!

“Dear Uncle Andy and Auntie Miranda, (Doesn’t your heart just melt at this?)

Thank you so much for the b-day card and your greetings for me. Is manok delicious?” (We’re assuming that she is referring to a Philippino chicken dish Andy and I prepared and ate here to celebrate her birthday in April, but we’ve never seen it called Manok.)

Still talking about her birthday, she says: “Thanks again that I am a blessing for you and you also a blessing for me. You are my big gift for as my special sponsor for supporting me.” (Precious Kate, we are the ones receiving the gifts that words could never express)

“I’m so sorry for your ears. Don’t you worry I will continue to pray for your immediate healing and the pain you are now suffering. I love you very much.” (I, Miranda, had a severe ear infection in both ears in July and August, and we wrote each of our Compassion children to specificly request prayer.)

“I can feel your hug and deep concern, I am overwhelmed as I pray for the job that the Lord wil give him as His plan.” (In a recent letter, Andy sent Kate strong hugs and thanked her for her continued prayers regarding his work situation.)

To answer specific questions we asked regarding what she was able to purchase with the $20.00 birthday gift we sent, Kate writes:
1. Step-in are like sandal only that the toes are not covered fully.
2. Chocolate powder are used in porage as coloring and sugar and also in cakes. (This sounds similar to our cocoa powder, and my mouth is now watering!)

“I pray for all your good health. Are there any calamities there in your place? Thanks again.

Love, Kate”

Kate also drew us a very detailed and colorful picture with birds, a house, trees, 3 children, a rainbow and a smiling sun. Her drawings are always so creative! We love this little artist who by the way is growing up so fast, as she is now 11! Kate joined our Compassion family back when she was 8 years old.

So, although my Friday turned into a Monday in many ways, a flicker of Friday hope and love arrived just in time! Isn’t that the way God works? He always does things in his perfect time, right when we need it most.

Have you heard from any of your Compassion children lately? We’d love for you to share about it in the comments!

Would you like to receive precious letters from a child like the one we’ve received from our Kate? Mark and Edwin in the Philippines are waiting for their sponsors, and their birthdays are in just a few short weeks . Will you be one to make their birthdays something to truly celebrate? Sweet Precious’s birthday is one day before Valentine’s day. Will you show her she is truly loved?

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