Not that different

I could never pretend to begin to understand everything that’s in the heart of a child in poverty, but if we were to sit down together, this might be what they would say.

Do you remember when you were a child? What were your fears? What did you think about? What did you dream about?

Did you like to sing, read, play sports, or draw beautiful pictures? What was your favorite color? What was your favorite Bible verse? Were you afraid of sickness? Did your parents ever lose their job? Did you struggle in school? What did you want to be when you grew up?

Do you think your childhood thoughts and dreams are all that different from mine?

I live with my parents and 5 siblings in a one-room mud hut with a straw roof. When it rains, our roof leaks. Some of my friends are very sick, and a couple have even died. I am afraid that someone in my family will get sick, and we won’t have enough money to afford medical care. This is why I dream of being a doctor when I grow up, so I can care for those in my community who are sick.

My parents work very hard when they are able to find work, but this is not very often. When they are able to find work, they do not make enough money to buy food, clothes, and school supplies.

Sometimes, I am told I am ugly and worthless, and that I will not amount to anything. I am told that dreams are worthless, because my family does not, nor will we have, the money for college education. I wonder if I will need to quit school to work to support my family. I already struggle in my studies now, because I did not learn how to read or write until I started attending Compassion International’s program.

When I go to Compassion each week, this is where I feel safe. I learn songs and Bible verses about the love of Jesus Christ, and I just memorized John 3:16 last week. I like to play soccer and draw pictures with my friends, and my favorite color is red.

Compassion gives me nutricious food, school supplies, clothes, and access to medical care. They tell me I can have a sponsor who will love me and write me letters, and I am excited to write letters in return!

I am a child living in poverty, but I do not have to be a product of poverty. I can be a child with hope. I can be an agent of change, if you will help me. Help me rise above the hopeless circumstances that surround my life. Help me know that you and I are really not that different. Please, become my sponsor, and release me from poverty in Jesus’ name!

Although this is a fictional account, these words could have been written by any of the children still waiting for a sponsor to step up and change their lives. These children are waiting for you. Not only will your $38.00 per month provide your sponsored child with access to education, nutritional food, medical care, clothing, and the opportunity to hear about Jesus, but your words of love and encouragement will be treasured for a lifetime.


Thank you to those who have stepped up in faith and love to change the lives of Christabel in Ghana, Jose in Mexico, Pascal and Elijah in Uganda, Muthumuniammal in India, and Isuru in Sri Lanka!

Precious little Miranda from the Dominican Republic is still waiting for you to love her. If you sponsor Miranda, please let us know, and we’ll take a doll for her to the Dominican Republic when we travel.

We want to thank you on behalf of the child you choose to sponsor. Thank you for loving your sponsored child, and helping them reach their dreams. Thank you for releasing a child from poverty in Jesus’ name!

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