Dear God

Dear God,
I’m sorry. I’m sorry for my apathy and living in my own little bubble for so long. I’m sorry for turning a Blind eye and a deaf ear away from the sweet faces and the silent cries of your precious children. I’m sorry for breaking your heart.


Dear God,
Thank you. Thank you for opening my eyes, ears and heart. Thank you for showing me the bigger picture that is much more than my little bubble. Thank you for bursting my bubble and guiding me out of my comfort zone. Thank you for breaking my heart.


Lord, the words just won’t come today. I have too many emotions, too many things I could say, but I’m left in awe and speechless. Nothing seems right or worthy enough. I’m not right or worthy enough, but you still choose to use me; you still choose to love me. You still choose to use these hands to write the words our Compassion children so desperately need to hear. You still choose to use these lips and this voice to lift prayers to you on each child’s behalf. You still choose to use this broken heart, this shattered vessel to pour out your love for these precious ones. You choose to use this imperfect life to teach lessons that I learn right along with our children. You choose to use children whose earthly circumstances tell them lies to speak truth to my heart. You choose to create a family that stretches across the world where broken homes exist. You choose to give us a heart for the older children who may feel forgotten. You choose to give us love for the special children who the world sees as unlovable. You choose to bind us to our children by love that flows from your precious blood.


In return Lord, I choose to not be silent. I choose to speak up for those who can not speak for themselves. I choose to bend my knees, bow my head and pray. I can not save the world, but I can change the life of the children you have placed in my world. I can share the honest experiences of child sponsorship, believing that you will use these mere words to burst someone’s bubble of apathy and break someone’s heart.

Lord, I’m sorry for not choosing sooner. Thank you for giving me the choice.

Jesus, I pray all of this in your precious name.


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