Say “Yes”!

Do you ever feel like you say “yes” too many times in one day? Your boss asks you if you can stay late at work for voluntary overtime and you say “Yes”. A friend asks you if you’d like to go to a concert next weekend, and you say “Yes”. The church’s children’s ministry needs another volunteer in the preschool classroom this Sunday, and you say “yes”. The local charity that you are involved in asks for a fundraising volunteer for their next project, and you say “yes”.
Do you feel a bit overwhelmed yet? Maybe you said “yes”. 🙂

The above senarios are all a real part of life, and it’s not wrong to say yes. But, we can say yes too many times and fill our plates to overflowing. We can feel overwhelmed and like we’re being pulled in every direction by so many people all at once.
Let me ask you one more question: What do you say when you hear God’s whispered voice? Do you say “Yes”?

We are called to care for the least of these in our world. Maybe God is asking you if you will pray for these precious children in poverty. Maybe he’s asking you if you will step out in faith and change a child’s life through sponsorship. Either way, will you say “yes” to God’s still small voice?

Children are very close to the heart of God, and if you say “yes”, the only direction you will be pulled is closer to him. You will be overwhelmed by the peace and love that comes from knowing you said “yes” to the one who said “yes” for you.
If you say “yes”, we’d love to know about it! Please share with us the child or children God has asked you to pray for, or share if you said yes to sponsoring a child! We would love the opportunity to pray and rejoice with you!

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