Grains of sand, raging waters and hope

I am a very independent person, and I am also a planner. What would I do if my independence was stripped away from me? What if I watched all of my well-laid plans slip through my fingers like tiny grains of sand? What would I do if all I knew as familiar was suddenly gone?
When disaster strikes, we may feel many emotions including: despair, grief, anguish, anger and hopelessness. We may lose our jobs, posessions, homes and even our loved ones. We may try desperately to grasp any sense of normalcy as our independence is stripped away from us, and our well-laid plans slip through our fingers like tiny grains of sand. If you’ve experienced any tragedy in your life, you know exactly what I am referring to.


According to this CNN news report, “The death toll from five days of heavy rains and floods in the Philippines jumped to 60 on Friday, disaster officials said, with the forecast calling for even more showers across the main island of Luzon… More than 2.4 million people have been affected by the weather so far, and more than 3,100 homes have been damaged.”

For those affected by the flooding and heavy rains, this situation may seem hopeless, but there is hope. You can help to give hope and restoration to these beautiful people!

By donating to Compassion International’s disaster relief and recovery fund, you can provide help to Compassion-assisted children and their families in the Philippines. You can help these families to regain their independence, and rebuild their lives on the solid rock on which they can always depend.
Thank you for giving hope and showing the love of Jesus to children and families in need!

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