Pieces of their hearts

We have sponsored and corresponded with many children through Compassion International since 2004, and in that time we have received many beautiful letters and built even more beautiful relationships!
We want to share just a sampling of some of the letters we’ve received over the past 8 years. Some of these excerpts are from letters written by formerly sponsored children, but we still wanted to share these treasures with you. Some are humorous, and others are just sweet!

Ana (from Mexico):
Dear Godparents Andy and Miranda, Hello!  I miss you very much!” (We were unable to visit Ana while she was in Compassion’s program.)
I went swimming to the river.  The river is very deep and beautiful.  I wish you had been here.”
I greet you with much love because I got the best sponsors.” (Our hearts melted with this sweet declaration of love!)
I passed to sixth grade and I got the second place. I was very happy and I wanted to share this happiness with you.” (We were so honored that she wanted to share her happiness with us!)
We read the new Bibles we all received. I like mine because it is nice and it isn’t big.”

Antony (from Ecuador):
It is such happiness to write you and tell you things about me. Well, most of all I am a very hyperactive boy. What I like most is soccer because I want to be a great soccer player, but as my mom says, I also have to study and I do that with much effort and dedication.”
I greet you with the peace of the Lord and I am glad to receive your letter and it is good that you are together much time. I wish that you would never have troubles. I would like to listen to your music because I think that it is going to be beautiful for God.” (We have a music ministry where we travel and lead worship.)

Claude (from Rwanda):
To my beloved parents, I love you so much and I first greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our King. I wish you God’s peace and blessings.”

Eustace (from Kenya):
When I grow I would like to be a doctor. I request you to pray for my education so that my dream may come true.”

Nallely (from Peru):
“I also want to tell you that my school classes have already started and I am in 3rd grade. I am doing kind of well because some topics are new for me but I will study hard in order to become the best student in class. The subject I like the most is Social Studies because I learn about values and virtues. I also like break time.” (Hahaha! What child doesn’t like break time?)

Toface (from Uganda):
“I remain your daughter in Christ.” (Awwwwww!)

Wilmer (from Columbia):
(As part of his introduction letter) “Favorite hobby: internet”

Vladimir (from the Dominican Republic):
“The reason why I write you is to talk to you about my favorite sport, baseball. I like it very much. I go to the stadium and I am a pitcher and I have a trophy already that I won in a game we had with people in Santiago and also, I have a medal I won; I have two prizes already and I am very excited.”
I ask you to care for me all the time.” (Hearts melt yet again!)

As you can see, these children really treasure the relationship they have with us as their sponsors. We have been so blessed by each of these children and their beautiful words of love. What are some of the precious things your sponsored children have shared with you in their letters? How has corresponding with these children blessed your life?

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