“Thank you for choosing to sponsor me.”

Each of us make choices every day. Some of those choices are easy and some of those choices are more difficult. Some choices we make on our own, while others are made in response to something we’ve experienced. Choices can affect us or someone else either positively or negatively, and some choices are a matter of survival.


We love receiving letters from our Compassion children, and those precious first letters are no exception. These letters give us just a glimpse into our child’s world and heart. In every first letter we’ve received, this line has always stuck in my mind. “Thank you for choosing to sponsor me.”


We choose each child to be in our Compassion family for a specific reason. Better said, God chooses each child to be in our Compassion family for a specific reason. Whether it’s similar hobbies and interests, performance in school, similar educational and career paths or connections to others in that child’s country; the choice to sponsor each child has not only changed their lives, but our lives have been changed as well. They receive the tools and education to thrive amidst their impoverished circumstances, and we learn that the opposite of poverty is enough. They learn about the love of Jesus, and we grow closer to the heart of God through Scriptures and prayers they share with us. They’ve taught us how to live more simply and love more fully.


For many people living in poverty, the choices they make every day are a matter of life and death. Through child sponsorship, you can choose to help them make those choices. By sponsoring one child, that child and their family will know that someone cares enough to say, “I chose you.” The family can focus on financially caring for your sponsored child’s siblings while your sponsored child is cared for through Compassion. Sponsorship is much more than a monthly donation. It’s about building a beautiful relationship through letters with your sponsored child. When you get that first letter with the words “thank you for choosing to sponsor me”, your sponsored child is really saying, “Thank you for loving me. Thank you for showing me the love of Jesus Christ.”


We’ve been chosen by God to show his love to others. We’ve been chosen to care for the least of these. Will you choose to make an eternal difference in the life of a child today? There are children waiting to write the words, “Thank you for choosing to sponsor me.”


Watch as 9-year-old Karla thanks her sponsors for loving her through Compassion’s child sponsorship program!

2 thoughts on ““Thank you for choosing to sponsor me.”

  1. Well said. God has led me to sponsor each of the children I sponsor as well. And He has brought beautiful correspondent children into my life as well. At the time, I can’t say what specifically led me to each of them, but I know it was God. Compassion has truly changed my life, and I know it is changing the lives of the children too.

    • Hi Lizzie,
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂
      We chose each of our sponsored children for specific reasons, and we even had some say in a couple of our correspondence children by specifying countries with a couple of them. God does some amazing matching, no matter what we say! 🙂 🙂
      Our lives have been radicly changed by our involvement with Compassion, and that is one reason we started this blog. We want to share this life-changing experience and ministry with everyone, and we want to encourage sponsors and advocates in their ministry as well.
      Thanks again for your comment, and please do stay in touch!

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